Phoenix Fencing

We are a fencing club based in Yatton, North Somerset, about halfway between Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare.


Where and when

We meet each Wednesday at Yatton Village hall 7pm - 9pm.

Youngsters are free to leave earlier.

We accept all abilities aged 7 - 70 years.

Beginners are welcome but please get in touch before your first session. More information for beginners is available below.

There is also a session on Fridays 7pm - 9pm, however this session is only for adults (18+) with their own kit.

We are mostly a foil club although you will normally find people to fence sabre or epee.



Prices are

Adults (18 and over): £4.50

Juniors (Under 18): £3.50

After your first fencing session you will need to join the British Fencing Association in order to be insured. The introductory membership gives you 90 days free with no obligation so this won't cost you anything until you're sure fencing is for you.

After six weeks you will also need to become a member of Phoenix Fencing (£20 annual fee).



Beginners of all ages are welcome. The first session is free so you can see if you like the sport. However, we do ask that you get in touch with us first so that we can be prepared for your beginner's lesson.

You will need to wear sensible shoes and trousers (trainers and jogging bottoms are ideal - NOT shorts, for safety reasons) and it will help to bring along a glove for your sword hand and a bottle of water.


Contact Us

You can contact us by phone on

07881 375704

or use the email address below


Club Policy

All club members must follow the BFA code of conduct.

The club may refuse to let you fence if it decides your behaviour is disruptive or dangerous.

Toilets are directly across the hallway from the fencing hall. Children of all ages will be expected to use the toilets unaccompanied. If this is a problem then a parent or guardian should be present during the fencing session to accompany their child.

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